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feb/16/21 - Two new releases out today! mhzesent - Record Levels of Record Levels & Humanfobia - EPITᐃFIO FᐃNTᐃSMᐃ⌊

feb/09/21 Lord Cernunnos - Untitled is now available! 

feb/07/21 - mhzesent - 5. I'm Concerned is now out! 

jan/25/21 - mhzesent - Generic Picture With The Flag: Edits EP is now available! 

jan/24/21 - BB Rave® Brand MP3 and CD Music System [Available In Limited Supply From The Shopping Channel] by Mr. BB Brooklyntronic 32k is now out! 

jan/17/21 - Prussia Glory Acid by DJ Prussian Eric Abramov is now out!

jan/01/21 - We kicking off 2021 with the highest hopes possible, Is It All Over Yet? by mhzesentis now available!

Sub65 Media is a netlabel that specializes in releasing music encoded with bitrates of 64kbps and below. 
We accept ogg, opus, and mp3. (please note that while we do accept opus,'s webplayer doesn't support them) Tag music files (artist, song, title, album, track #, etc.) and include 800x800 jpg or png cover art. We also accept video submissions so long as they're 144p mp4s. Video releases will be released on and will be available to stream on our YouTube channel.  Choose a creative commons license for your release if you desire a different CC license than the CC BY 4.0 license that sub65 uses. Submit content that is appropriate for the general public (no pornography, lewd material, gore, bigotry, etc)  Send release to 
Make sure to let us know if there is any special information you'd like included in the description section of your release page. Sub65 will tag your release the best we can, but if you'd like any tags changed, added, and/or deleted, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try to accommodate your wishes. Releases are added to, however, we don't fill out every possible info field, so feel free to make any changes to your release's discogs page. We'll tweet and post to help promote your release. Each promotional online post will have a custom flavor text to help add some extra depth and curiosity to the post. If you wish to opt out of Sub65's promotional online posting, feel free to let us know.
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2020 News Log

dec/31/20 - Sub65 is just happy that we can all at least end 2020 with the stunningly beautiful This Year Sucked by mhzesent
dec/20/20 - Two new releases just in time for Christmas! Das All - mole traffic def & Schweizerisch Amerikanische Freundshaft - TV Is Running. Both of these releases are different collaboration projects of the late Mathias Aeschlimann, founder of 20kbps recordings and the artist behind Häz and Gert 3000, among many other project names. 
dec/12/20 - Get ready for more pep in your step this holiday season, Lobith Dance! by Toxic Chicken is now available! 
dec/06/20 - Mr. BB Brooklyntronic 16K - Gilmour's Own Wakaya Club & Spa Soothing Elevator Music Collection - CD 4 & Okosan - selected lofi recordings 2019-2020 are now out! 
nov/25/20 - Two releases now out today by mhzesent, Allegations Of Haunting & If They Only Paid For Migraines I'd Be Boujee! Also back in October yours truly participated in the Netlabel Interview Project
nov/09/20 - It is with a heavy heart that sub65 shares the news of the passing of Mathias Aeschlimann. Mathias was the originator of lobit when he launched the 20kbps Recordings netlabel in December of 2002. He loved the low bitrate music scene... the artists, the fans, even the critics. He was battling a rare form of cancer and sub65 hopes that his fight for life will inspire others to live life to the fullest. We gratefully honor all that Mathias has given us. In his memory, sub shares some of the interviews of Mathias: interview, netlabel interview project, 20kbps interview special (audio)
nov/07/20 - The BEST of Brooklyn Sounds (Fanclub Exclusive Pocket Rocker Set) by Mr. BB Brooklyntronic 8K is now out! 
oct/31/20 - We made it to Halloween 2020 & are treated to two thrilling releases by mhzesent! One Who Would Lead & Damn, It's Hard To Breathe To Breathe are now online! 
oct/24/20 - CHEMICAL BREAKBEAT TRANSMISSION 12" EXTR_EDITION (Feat hysteria.children) by Mr. BB Brooklyntronic 4K is now available! 
oct/10/20 - Seafoam Green by Origami Repetika is now online! 
oct/04/20 - Kicking off the first Sunday of October with two stellar releases: BEST CLUB FEVER REVOLUTION: Power Mix Vol. 87 by Mr. BB Brooklyntronic 2K and Old World Killa Mix by mhzesent are now online! 
sep/22/20 - Celebrating the first day of autumn with mhzesent - why? and a beautiful 144p music video, Arham - Sunrise Industry
sep/20/20 - We're ecstatic here over at sub65 media that the 65th release happens to be an epic dark ambient masterpiece by one of the top contributors to the label! Kill Your Customer! by mhzesent is now available! 
sep/09/20 - Shotgun blast to the head of releases today!(see s65060-s65064
aug/16/20 - Anatidae Webcast #04: Gęsi nad jeziorem by mhzesent is now available!
may/10/20 - sub celebrates one of our favorite holidays, Mother's Day, with two releases! Radio Tapes by Constantly Turning, Unoriginal and sub65 by Toxic Chicken are now online! 
apr/15/20 - 高密佛法 by 高密佛法 is now available! 
apr/12/20 - Happy Easter folks! Everything Vibrates by Data Hoarder is now out! 
mar/31/20 - Our 7th and final sub65 release of the multi-netlabel Final Fight Series by the various projects of Mathias Aeschlimann is now available! 
mar/15/20 - The next three of the Final Fight Series are up! 31, 32, & 33!
mar/08/20 - Final Fight 29 & 30 are now available! 
mar/01/20 - We're excited to kick off March with release number 25 in the Final Fight Series of the various artistic projects of Mathias Aeschlimann, the founder of 20kbps rec. It's truly an honor that sub65 was selected to take part in hosting this series. We have 6 more Final Fight releases coming.. all planning to be out this month! March is a great month for fighting! 
feb/02/20 - Two new releases today. Works from the Absurd Pool in January by Great Green Stones and 0001 by Shinnosuke Ogasawara
jan/12/20 - Sub65 Media is now just over a year old. Thank you to all the artists who sent music into sub. This netlabel wouldn't be awesome without you. Some social network news: Twitter banned our acct. Not sure why, but even after appealing, the acct hasn't been unsuspended yet. It's been almost 2 weeks too. Hopefully, they'll realize it isn't a spam account and then lift the ban, but I went ahead to set us up a mastodon account 
Two new releases today, January 2, 2020 (II) and January 5, 2020 (II) by mhzesent! 

2019 News Log

Massive release time. Management has been busy in ways that made it too easy to be lazy when not busy. But now it's time to deliver all the goods. Today we have stream casual 1 & stream casual 2 by Q8AbQydImTnDlsiYmxqc, Ferqyvyq by mhz_, Pao by ,.:.,, and N64kbps by Lord Cernunnos! (dec/29/19)

FLUFF TARGET and FANSERVICE by mhzesent! (nov/17/19)

Night of the Jaguar by Origami Repetika! (nov/04/19)

Brand new c4 today! Pennies! (oct/18/19)

Attn lobit music fans / artists / netlabel owners etc.

We have a new weekly community-driven hour-long internet radio program called the lowdown which plays low bitrate music from artists all over the planet. The show is on Mad Wasp Radio and they have their own ios, android, and web apps to stream their station.

The show will be airing Monday at 23:00 British Summer Time and Wednesday 04:00 BST. Showtimes are subject to change by the station so check the lowdown website and Twitter for updated schedule. 

After each episode is finished airing, they'll be archived over @

Everyone is welcome to send in any tracks they'd like played on the program. 96kbps maximum bitrate

Also, if you would like to host any episodes, or create any mixes for episodes, contact me @ thelowdownprogram at

The lowdown is here for you to use as a platform. 

The Twitter acct for the program is

The website is @ 

Also, stay tuned for Monday the 14th where episode two of the lowdown is hosted by Genetic Trance!  (oct/08/19)

First of the month and two releases! 0104 by Schweizerisch Amerikanische Freundschaft and an assemb by Antrim Log! (oct/01/19)

Opus 17 by Vziel Projet! (sep/07/19)

Mad Proportion by Antrim Log! (aug/30/19)

Anatidae Webcast #03 [1/2019] by PIG FEET! (aug/21/19)

Techno Symposium by Surrogate Sigma! (jul/30/19)

Gidazepam, Hydazepam, Hidazepam by Holorime! (jul/16/19)

Berzerker by Thrust Pomp! (jul/07/19)

Structural Comprisal # by COM Surrogate! (jun/29/19)

Failcore by Thrust Pomp! (jun/23/18)

Episode 10 of the proc-records podcast is now available! (jun/18/19)

Two star smacking new releases today! We got us some Don'tfuck by Das All and I Said, Emotional Content. (EP) by Hypocranusesent! (jun/15/19)

Episode 9 of the proc-records podcast is now available! (jun/11/19)

Captain P by Surrogate Sigma! (jun/09/19)

We have another special party banger from the great Marmalade Furniture called Différance Manifested In Mass Culture! (jun/03/19)

We're kicking off the first of the month party style. It's time to listen to the Magenta Campus Sub65 Special from Marmalade Furniture! (jun/01/19)

Late Myth by Cinematographic Patterns! (may/28/19)

2 by V3U! (may/26/19)

USSR Great Anguish by Labelhead Discourse! (may/22/19)

Episode 8 of the proc-records podcast is now available! (may/21/19) 

Today we have two releases now available. Uitled 1 by Holorime and the second is sub65's very first video release, Matrix by COM Surrogate! (may/19/19)  

Happy Mother’s Day folks! Here at sub65, we love mothers just as much as anything else. Especially as much as top quality 8kbps avant-garde noise releases from Snort Burrell. Download and enjoy Snort Burrell - April 15, 2019 today! (may/12/19)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! sub65 is pleased to present you with our first spoken word release, A Two-minute Lecture on Metamodernism by Aï! (may/05/19)

Management has been lazy lately but all the bs aside we're back to wish yall happy May Day! We got ourselves some brand new Toxic Chicken - Wet Pussy! It's Party Time! (may/01/19)

Episode 7 of the proc-records podcast is up! Featuring artists from around the world on the 4m@ sub-label of proc! (apr/02/19) 

Episode 6 of the proc-records podcast is ready! (feb/26/19)

Untitled Male Dark Elf Responses (EP) by Linda Alley! (feb/20/19)

episode 5 of the proc-records podcast is up! (feb/19/19)

procpod episode 4 is up! (feb/12/19)

Red Zamboni by Origami Repetika! (feb/08/19) 

procpod episode 3 is up! (feb/05/19)

50 by COM surrogate is now available! (feb/04/19)

Trash On Tape by Toxic Chicken is now available! (jan/30/19)

Kurgan Jack by Old Europe is now available! (jan/22/19)

The second episode of procpod is now available! This episode includes a brief netlabel news segment by yours truly :D (jan/22/19)

january 13, 2019 by yung ΔFosB is now available! (jan/16/19)

DJ Madam Adam from proc-records is back! (jan/15/19)
9 PM Acid [ Korg Monologue And Rhythm Wolf] ( 24 Kbps Mix) by Fumiko Ishino is now available! (jan/12/19)
Dark Clouds by Waluigifan is now available! (jan/08/19)
Flames by Jjoth is now available! (jan/05/19)
sub65 is proud to present you Mongolian Sunrise Over A Ukrainian River by Genetic Trance! Download your copy today! (jan/03/19)